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Customized family holidays in India with a local travel agency

Create your family holidays in India with the team of our expert holidaymakers. Explore with your young this mystical land. Our family trips are concocted to cater the young ones as well as the old ones.

Visit national parks, take jeep rides in the desert, elephant and camel safaris, boat or canoe rides, bike tours, ox cart tours, and observation of aquatic life… these are some of the activities that characterize your family trips in India.

Travel at a suitable pace to explore the country without getting tired. Visiting famous sites like the Taj Mahal, Lake Palace, etc. makes the tour memorable for the whole family.

Beyond the historical sites, we also propose an experience with local life of people, their rituals, culture, and customs.

All our tours have a private vehicle service with a driver. We offer a wide choice of heritage hotels that will make you live the maharaja moments with your family.

Contact your travel designers to create for your family a perfect holiday in India.

Our travel designer for your customized tour to Family Holidays in India

Kedar Verma

Kedar, born in Jaipur, the capital of the Rajasthan region, is one of the founders of India Travel Etc. Before founding his agency in 2012, Kedar was a professional guide in India for various travel agencies and has studied tourism in France for 5 years.
With his experience, today he puts his skills at the service of travelers to Rajasthan and offers them the tour according to their desire.
All our Rajasthan tours are customizable according to the desire of every traveler. Whether you have a short week to almost a month, we will make you discover all the treasures of Rajasthan.

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