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You have visited several times India and now want to explore Gujarat.  This is certainly lesser known than Rajasthan but it is adorned with as beautiful sites as Rajasthan. We at India Travel Etc, always thrive to create the most interesting and innovative Tailor-Made Gujarat Tour Packages.

Situated in the westernmost part of India and is known for its rich cultural heritage, historical sites, beautiful landscapes, and delicious cuisine. Some of the most visited places of Gujarat are Ahmedabad, Little Rann of Kutch, Bhuj and Kutch white desert, Dwarka, Somnath, Gir National Park, Junagarh, Vadodara, and Statue of Unity at Kevadia.

In addition to the cultural sites, it has also the longest coastline and some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Gujarat is blessed with several pristine beach holiday destinations such as Mandvi, Daman, and Diu.

It is also the cradle of the ancient Indus Valley civilization with sites like Lothal, Dholavira, Rangpur, and Siddhpur dating back to 3000 BC that one should not miss while on a Gujarat trip.

This place is also known as the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, as he was born in the port town of Porbandar.

Besides these, the state’s major attractions include the only habitat of the Asiatic Lions in India (Gir National Park) and a desert ride at the Little Rann of Kutch for Wild Ass Sanctuary.

Our Tailor-Made Gujarat Tour Package offers you to explore these attractions and give the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry, explore historical wonders, experience vibrant festivals, and witness the stunning landscapes that Gujarat has to offer.

At India Travel Etc, we are committed to creating the best-customized tours to Gujarat. Our team of experts is at your disposal to customize your Gujarat tour package according to your preferences.

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Rajendra Singh

I am Rajendra Singh. I was born in Udaipurwati, a small village in the Shekhawati Region in Rajasthan. From a young age, I was attracted to traveling as my parents took me to several places in India.
After completing my studies at Rajasthan University in history and tourism. I started working in different travel agencies as Indian travel designer. During all these working years, I gathered extensive knowledge about travel places in India.
After working for about 10+years for several renowned tour operators, I decided to start my own tour operator India Travel Etc in the year 2006. Since then I have designed more than 10,000+ tours for about more than 25000+ travelers around India.
Be it a Rajasthan Tour or a tour to South India, I will prepare for you a customized tour in India which will make you discover the myths and mysteries of India.

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