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India is known worldwide for spiritualism and Ayurveda. Every year countless Western travelers come for spiritual tours to India at the foothills of the Himalayas or for wellness trips at Ayurveda centers in Kerala.

A spiritual tour in India is characterized by a question, how to reconnect with oneself?

Let yourself be guided by spiritual masters, stay in highly spiritual places or walk in the footsteps of Buddha, live a holistic life in an ashram, and resume dialogue with your body through yoga and Ayurveda, these are the proposals of our spiritual trips in India.

The highlights of our spiritual trips to India:

• Meditation in spiritual and sacred places (ashram on banks of the Ganges or in a spiritually isolated place).
• Discover Hindu and Buddhist philosophy (the art of living).
• Yoga sessions by famous yoga gurus.
• Body well-being through massages and Ayurveda techniques.
• Exploring the serenity of sacred places in India.

Our travel designer for your customized tour to Rajasthan

Rajendra Singh

I am Rajendra Singh. I was born in Udaipurwati, a small village in the Shekhawati Region in Rajasthan. From a young age, I was attracted to traveling as my parents took me to several places in India.
After completing my studies at Rajasthan University in history and tourism. I started working in different travel agencies as Indian travel designer. During all these working years, I gathered extensive knowledge about travel places in India.
After working for about 10+years for several renowned tour operators, I decided to start my own tour operator India Travel Etc in the year 2006. Since then I have designed more than 10,000+ tours for about more than 25000+ travelers around India.
Be it a Rajasthan Tour or a tour to South India, I will prepare for you a customized tour in India which will make you discover the myths and mysteries of India.

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