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Create your customized wildlife tour in India with our travel designers. Our agency has come up with the most interesting wildlife tours in some of the most reputed wildlife reserves of India.

Meet the royal Bengal tiger and discover the diversity of flora and fauna in the wildlife sanctuaries of India.

India is a haven for wildlife lovers. You will get to explore wildlife reserves with wild species such as tigers, lions, unicorn rhinoceros, elephants, antelope, and many others. All our safari tours in India will take you to explore these national parks where you will encounter these species in their natural habitat.

Our tiger safari tours in India have been designed to provide a balance between wildlife & safari activities as well as visiting cultural sites.

For wildlife photography enthusiasts, our travel designers are at their disposal to create dedicated tour programs in the most famous wildlife parks in the country.

Spot a Royal Bengal tiger in the Kanha national park, the Asiatic lion in the Sasan Gir Park, wild elephants in Bandipur, and the one-horned rhinoceros in Kaziranga Park. All our wildlife tours are designed to explore some of the most diverse flora & fauna.

Being specialists of customized tours in India, we adapt our safari tours according to everyone’s desire.

Our travel designer for your customized Wildlife Tours in India

Kedar Verma

Kedar, born in Jaipur, the capital of the Rajasthan region, is one of the founders of India Travel Etc. Before founding his agency in 2012, Kedar was a professional guide in India for various travel agencies and has studied tourism in France for 5 years.
With his experience, today he puts his skills at the service of travelers to Rajasthan and offers them the tour according to their desire.
All our Rajasthan tours are customizable according to the desire of every traveler. Whether you have a short week to almost a month, we will make you discover all the treasures of Rajasthan.

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