Nagaur Camel Fair – Visit the Second Largest Cattle Fair in India!

Feb 21 2024
Nagaur Camel Fair - Visit the Second Largest Cattle Fair in India!

The Nagaur Camel Fair is an annual festival celebrated in Nagaur, Rajasthan. This historic town is located between Bikaner and Jodhpur. Also known as the Ramdeoji cattle fair, in this fair more than 75,000 camels, horses and bullocks are traded every year. However, that doesn’t mean this fair is only for traders and buyers. To witness this grand cattle trading and this pure cultural beauty, a large number of tourists from across the world come and visit Nagaur.

Rajasthan, a state in northwest India is known for its rich cultural heritage and lively festivals. And this Nagaur Cattle Fair is one of Rajasthan’s most well-known festivals and the second-largest cattle fair in India.

Time of Nagaur Cattle Fair

The fair takes place every year between January and February and it lasts for four to ten days. As one of the largest cattle fairs in India, it attracts thousands of visitors from all corners of India as well as from abroad. The fair takes place in January and February when farmers and livestock traders gather on the fairground for buying and selling cattle, including camels, horses, goats, cows, bullocks, bulls, etc.

Significance Of this Cattle Fair

The Nagaur Camel Fair 2024 should not be considered only as a marketplace. But also, it is a celebration of the heritage and vibrant culture of Rajasthan. The fair is marked by various cultural activities such as traditional music as well as dance performances such as Kuchamani Khyal.

Also, there are various cultural activities and sports including camel and horse races, turban-tying competitions, acrobatics, and cultural contests. The other significant parts of this cattle fair in Nagaur are the storytellers, puppeteers, jugglers, and others. Tourists can also visit the Mirchi bazaar where they can buy iron crafts as well as camel leather accessories, etc.

For the people of Rajasthan, the Cattle Fair in Nagaur is not just an opportunity for entertainment. It is a significant occasion for them because it gives the local farmers a great chance to sell their livestock which helps them make a living. Also, it plays a crucial role in maintaining the Traditional Rajasthani way of life while supporting the local cattle industry.

Thus, this cattle fair in Rajasthan is an occasion for the local people to get together to buy and sell animals. Also, it is an opportunity for people across India and the world to gather and share cultural experiences.

History of Nagaur Fair

Nagaur is an old town located on one of the ancient trading routes of the plains. Initially, this place was of greater importance and rich in wealth. However, the land was without any higher ground suitable for building a fort. That is why large bastions and walls were built around it to create the Fort of Hooded Cobra.

The land is renowned for having rich wealth in cattle husbandry. Since the climate of the Thar Desert does not support farming here that much, the villagers mainly make their living by breeding camels and other animals. And the regions around Jodhpur such as Haryana, Punjab and many parts of Rajasthan depend on Jodhpur for the cattle for their farming.

In the ancient days, even kings used to tax the income that the locals earned from animal trading. The locals used to conduct extravaganza celebrations to attract merchants passing the trading route. Those merchants travelling from distant places built camps on the fairground to stay overnight. And to pass the time, the merchants used songs and music in the evening to entertain themselves. And this is how the fair was initiated.

King Umed Singh started this event 56 years ago. He invited Sufi saint Shri Ramdeoji to Nagaur to showcase his powers. The local people as well as people from around the town gathered at Nagaur to witness his powers. And they were convinced about his superpowers. Those people insisted he stayed in Nagaur and the crowd visited him once a year.

How is the Nagaur Cattle Fair Celebrated?

This is the second-largest cattle fair in the country and it lasts for four to ten days. Every day, the fair starts with cattle activities. Also, there are other attractions presented to make the sellers demonstrate their cattle. On the fairground, each dealer has his shed or camp to store his cattle. The buyers walk through the camp to make selections and bargain. By the time of sunset, most of the buyers leave the place while the sellers stay back with their cattle. After sunset, the celebrations and the other cultural programs start. So basically, the games and the markets stay open during the daytime.

Key Tourist Attractions at Nagaur Cattle Fair

  • Many cultural games such as bullock races, cockfights, tug-of-war and others are conducted to add fun to the fair. Tourists from across the world come to enjoy the games.
  • Local artists perform folk music throughout the fair.
  • Mirchi Bazaar is the key attraction of the fair and this market is Asia’s largest red chilli market.
  • Eye-catching animal decorations and beauty contests are conducted.
  • Handicraft exhibitions and their sales are conducted in different stores on the fairground. Here, the top items to purchase are accessories made of camel leather, wooden items, and exclusive iron crafts.
  • The other things conducted here are turban-tying contests, juggling, puppet shows, moustache contests, gymnastic stunts, storytelling, dance programs, etc.

Things to do

  • After the fair is done for the day, you can stay back in the evening. That is the time when the locals gather to showcase and enjoy folk dance and music. Also, during and after the fair, other entertainment activities will be conducted.
  • Participate in games and various other entertainment activities.
  • You can just shop around for accessories made of camel leather.
  • Watch animals being decorated to attract buyers.
  • Do not forget to taste the local cuisine in the shops, especially the delicacies made with camel milk.
  • Late at night, stay back for a spectacular event when many local performers burst fireworks to light up the sky.

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