Gujarat Wildlife Tour Package


15 Days

Starting from:

Day 1 – Arrival in Ahmedabad

Morning or evening: Start your Gujarat Wildlife Tour Package with the arrival at the Ahmedabad international airport. On arrival, welcome by our local representative and transfer to your hotel.

Day 2 – Ahmedabad / Patan / Modhera / Dasada

Morning: In the morning drive to the historic city of Patan, renowned for its exquisite Patola silk sarees. Immerse yourself in the rich history of the city with a visit to Rani Ki Vav. This UNESCO World Heritage site is a stunning stepwell, adorned with intricately carved sculptures depicting mythological scenes and figures, making it a testament to the architectural prowess of its time.
Afternoon: Continue your journey towards to Modhera, the home of the magnificent Sun Temple. An epitome of architectural excellence, this temple is dedicated to the Sun God, and is characterized by its striking sculptures, intricate carvings, and the harmonious interplay of light and space.
Evening: On arrival check in to your hotel in Dasada and evening free at your hotel.

Day 3 – Exploring the Exotic Wildlife of Dasada in the Little Rann of Kutch

Morning: After breakfast at your hotel begin your morning by diving into an adventurous safari across the unique salt marshes of the Little Rann of Kutch. This region is renowned for its ethereal landscape and diverse wildlife, including the critically endangered Indian Wild Ass. As you traverse the marshes, immerse yourself in the raw beauty and tranquility of this untouched wilderness.
Afternoon: In the afternoon indulge your senses in a feast of avian diversity with a jeep safari to explore the tribal villages of little Rann of Kutch. In the evening, return to your hotel and free time to relax at your hotel.

Day 4 – Dasada / Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary

Morning: After breakfast, drive to Nalsarovar Bird Santuary, an area renowned for its rich population of migratory bird population. On the way, you’ll have the opportunity to observe the unique landscapes and rural life of Gujarat.
Afternoon: Upon arrival at Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary check-in to your hotel. Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary is a paradise for bird watchers, here, you can enjoy a serene boat ride on the lake, providing an excellent opportunity to spot various migratory birds, including flamingos, pelicans, and different species of ducks.
Late Afternoon: Explore the local village near the sanctuary to experience the traditional lifestyle of the region. Witness the vibrant culture and perhaps interact with the locals, gaining insights into their daily lives.
Evening: Return to the accommodation for a relaxing evening

Day 5 – Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary

Morning: After breakfast start your day early morning bird-watching session at Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary. This is the best time to see the sanctuary come alive with the chirping and activity of various bird species. A guided tour can help you identify and learn about the different birds in the area.
Afternoon: Embark on a nature walk around the periphery of the sanctuary. This walk offers a chance to appreciate the diverse flora of the region and possibly spot some terrestrial wildlife. Enjoy a packed lunch amidst the natural beauty of the sanctuary.
Evening: Conclude the day with a sunset view at the sanctuary, offering a picturesque scene as the sun dips below the horizon, reflecting over the waters and creating a tranquil atmosphere.

Day 6 – Nalsarovar Bird Santuary / Gondal

Morning: After breakfast drive to Gondal, a city that is a treasure trove of history and grand architectural marvels. On arrival, check in to your hotel.
Afternoon: In the afternoon visit the Naulakha Palace, a magnificent testament to Rajput architecture, this also houses an intriguing collection of vintage cars, each with its own unique story of a bygone era.
Evening: In the evening, stroll through Gondal’s impeccably maintained public gardens. These gardens, with their vivid flora and tranquil ambience, provide the perfect setting for a peaceful evening.

Day 7 – Gondal / Junagadh / Sasangir

Morning: After breakfast drive to Junagadh. Explore the Uparkot Fort, an ancient fortress that has withstood 16 sieges over 1000 years. We’ll explore the Buddhist cave sites within the fort, a testament to the city’s diverse cultural influences. Next, we head to the Ashoka Rock Edicts. These large boulders engraved with edicts by the Mauryan emperor Ashoka provide valuable insights into his reign and philosophy. At last visit the intricately carved tomb of Nawab of Junagarh, Mahabat Khan.
Afternoon : Then set off to Sasangir, the renowned sanctuary known as the last refuge of the majestic Asiatic lions. Begin the day with a visit to the Gir National Park, an impressive wildlife refuge. Besides being home to several Asiatic lions and leopards, the park also shelters a wide range of bird species, offering a splendid feast for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. .
Evening: Upon arrival check- in to your hotel and evening free.

Day 8 – Sasan Gir

Morning: Early morning embark on an exciting morning safari through the diverse trails of Gir National Park. Get a chance to spot Asiatic Lions, Leopards, and numerous bird species in their natural habitat. Immerse yourself in the thrilling experience of observing wildlife in its raw and unfiltered form.
Afternoon: Venture into the Devaliya Safari Park, an encapsulated zone within Gir that guarantees a lion sighting. Capture your memorable encounters with the king of the jungle. In the late afternoon take time to visit the neighboring tribal villages. Get a unique insight into the authentic lifestyle, traditions, and culture of the local Maldhari community.
Evening: Revel in a leisurely evening at the resort, basking in the tranquility of nature.

Day 9 – Sasangir / Palitana / Bhavnagar

Morning: After breakfast drive early from Diu to Palitana, the city that houses the magnificent Shatrunjaya Hills. Known for its illustrious array of Jain temples, Shatrunjaya Hills is a sight to behold. Choose to challenge yourself with an invigorating climb to the peak. Either way, the reward of over 900 meticulously crafted temples at the summit is a sight that transcends earthly beauty.
Afternoon: Dedicate your afternoon to wander amongst the sacred temples, each brimming with a unique spiritual aura. Pay special attention to the Adinatha Temple and Chaumukha Temple, both boasting of startlingly exquisite carvings and intricate designs that reflect the grandeur of Jain architectural style.
Evening: Evening arrive at your hotel in Bhavnagar and time to relax.

Day 10 – Bhavnagar / Velvedar National Park / Bhavnagar:

Morning: After breakfast, depart from Bhavnagar to Velavadar National Park, known for its expansive grasslands and blackbuck antelope. The drive itself offers scenic views and a glimpse into the rural countryside.
Afternoon: Arrive at Velavadar National Park and embark on a wildlife safari. This park is a haven for blackbucks and is also home to a variety of other species like the Indian wolf, striped hyena, and numerous bird species. Enjoy a picnic lunch amidst the natural setting of the park.
Late Afternoon: Participate in a guided nature walk within the park. This is an excellent opportunity to explore the park’s unique ecosystem, observe various plant species, and learn about the conservation efforts in place.
Evening: Return to Bhavnagar and free time at your hotel.

Day 11 – Bhavnagar / Vadodara

Morning: After breakfast drive to Vadodara, a city that seamlessly blends its royal heritage with modern vibrancy. Upon your arrival check in to your hotel.
Afternoon: Visit to Laxmi Vilas Palace. This enormous edifice is considered one of the largest private residences in the world, boasting a stunning blend of Indian and European architectural styles, verdant gardens, and an exquisite collection of old armory and sculptures in its museum.
Evening: Conclude your day at the Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum, a testament to Vadodara’s royal lineage. This museum houses an impressive array of art and artifacts, including European paintings, Greco-Roman artifacts, and miniature murals, all collected by the royal Gaekwad dynasty. Its collection provides a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle and refined aesthetic sensibilities of the royal family.

Day 12 – Vadodara: The Historical Charm of Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park

Morning: After breakfast visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park. Step back in time as you explore the ruins of magnificent mosques, intricate temples, and powerful fortresses that pepper the scenic landscape. Each structure is a testament to the distinctive blend of Hindu and Islamic architectural influences. Don’t miss out on the intricately-carved Jama Masjid, a marvel of architectural grandeur.
Afternoon: Venture further into the archaeological park. Ascend to the top of Pavagadh Hill, where the revered Kalika Mata Temple awaits. You have the option to embrace the challenge of a hill trek or take a more leisurely cable car ride. Whichever route you take, the panoramic view from the summit and the spiritual serenity of the temple make this a memorable experience.
Evening: Return to the vibrant city of Vadodara and relax at your hotel.

Day 13 – Vadodara / Jambhugoda National Park / Vadodara :

Morning: After breakfast depart to Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary, a haven of biodiversity with lush forests and a variety of wildlife. The journey to Jambughoda offers a scenic drive through the countryside.
Early morning: Upon arrival at Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary, embark on a guided wildlife safari. The sanctuary is known for its diverse range of flora and fauna, including leopards, sloth bears, and numerous bird species. Enjoy a lunch amidst the serene natural environment of the sanctuary.
Afternoon: Explore the tribal villages near Jambughoda. This visit offers a unique insight into the lives of the local tribal communities and their culture. It’s an opportunity to learn about their traditions, art, and way of life.
Evening: Return to Vadodara and time to relax at your hotel.

Day 14 – Vadodara / Lothal / Ahmedabad

Morning: After breakfast drive to Ahmedabad. On the way visit the ruins of Indus valley town of Lothal.
Evening: Evening free to explore the Manek Chowk. This bustling marketplace undergoes a mesmerizing transformation, morphing into a vibrant street food hub as night sets in. Immerse yourself in the lively ambience, sampling a smorgasbord of local delicacies that capture the true essence of Ahmedabad’s culinary scene.

Day 15 – Ahmedabad: Departure

Morning: After breakfast, start your visit of Ahmadabad with the historic Sabarmati Ashram, once the home of Mahatma Gandhi and a pivotal location in India’s fight for freedom. From there, journey to the Calico Museum of Textiles to marvel at a stunning array of textiles and historical artifacts (the museum is open all the days except Mondays and holidays).
In the afternoon, immerse yourself in the spiritual ambiance of the Sidi Saiyyed Mosque, renowned for its detailed lattice work. Continue your tour to the architectural wonder of the Jhulta Minar, or Shaking Minarets, followed by a serene visit to the age-old Kankaria Lake.
Evening: Transfer to Ahmedabad airport to catch your flight back home, concluding your comprehensive complete tour of Gujarat.

Price Includes:
 Air conditioned comfortable private vehicle according to the number of passengers (parking fees, petrol, road taxes, and tolls included).
 An experienced basic English-speaking driver (including accommodation, meals and salary).
 Accommodation on twin/ double sharing basis with breakfast and taxes included.
 Two safaris in jeep in the little Rann of Kutch.
 Boat Ride in Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary.
 Two safaris in Sasan Gir National Park in Jeep.
 One safari in Velvadar Natioanl Park.
 One Safari in Jambhugoda National Park.
 Two bottles of water per day per person in the vehicle.

The price does not include
 International flight.
 Lunches & dinners (except those mentioned in “price includes”).
 Entrances to monuments.
 Drinks.
 Tips.
 Other personal expenses.
 Indian visa

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