Mumbai & South India Tour


20 Days

Mumbai & South India Tour Package

19 nights / 20 days

Starting from USD 1995 / person

Embark on a captivating journey with our Mumbai and South India Tour Package. Explore the vibrant cityscape of Mumbai, followed by the rich cultural tapestry and scenic wonders of Southern India, creating an unforgettable travel experience.

Day 1 – Mumbai: Arrival at Mumbai International Airport:

Morning: Arrive in the morning at Mumbai airport to start your Mumbai & South India Tour Package. Welcome by our local representative and transfer to the hotel for rest.
Afternoon: Early afternoon departure by boat to Elephanta Island, famous for its Hindu cave temples (the last boat leaves at 2 pm for Elephanta Island from Mumbai).
Late afternoon: Return to Mumbai and stroll through the Colaba neighborhood and visit the Gateway of India, a landmark symbolizing Indian independence and the end of British colonization.
Evening free at your hotel.

Day 2 – Mumbai: Mumbai Sightseeing

Morning: In the morning after breakfast, depart for a visit to Dhobi Ghat, an open-air laundry unique in its kind, and the Mahalakshmi Temple dedicated to the goddess of prosperity. The temple is often visited by devotees who offer flowers and sweets as a sign of devotion.
Afternoon: Visit the Haji Ali Mosque, another must-see site in Mumbai. This Islamic shrine is located on a small island accessible by a narrow causeway, giving the impression of floating on water during high tide.
Late afternoon: In the late afternoon, visit the Victoria Terminus railway station, an architectural marvel. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this building is an exceptional example of Victorian neo-Gothic style with a touch of Indian influences.
In the evening, free time to explore the Fort Mumbai neighborhoods near your hotel.

Day 3 – Mumbai / Cochin (by plane):

Morning: In the morning after breakfast, transfer to Mumbai airport for your flight to Cochin.
Afternoon: Upon arrival at Cochin airport, meet our local representative and transfer to the hotel in Fort Kochi, the colonial quarter of the city of Cochin.
Late afternoon: Early afternoon departure for a visit to the Cochin synagogue, also known as the Paradesi Synagogue. It is a historic building built in 1568, famous for its blue ceramic floor tiles and crystal chandeliers. Located in the heart of the city’s Jewish quarter, it bears witness to the rich multicultural history of Cochin.
(The synagogue is closed on Fridays and Saturdays)
Evening free to explore the Fort Kochi neighborhoods.

Day 4 – Cochin: Cochin Sightseeing

Morning: In the morning after breakfast, depart for a visit to Mattancherry Palace, also known as the Dutch Palace. Built in 1555 by the Portuguese, the first Europeans to settle in the region, as a gift to the king of Cochin, Veera Kerala Varma. The alternative name comes from the renovations carried out by the Dutch in 1663. Although of European origin, the palace displays an Indo-Kerala architectural style, characterized by finely carved wooden frames, splendidly decorated compartmental ceilings, and roofs reminiscent of Chinese pagodas.
Afternoon: In the afternoon, visit the St. Francis Church in Cochin and the Chinese fishing nets. St. Francis Church in Cochin is more than just a religious building. Built in 1505, it has witnessed the fluctuations of politics, religion, and culture in Cochin for over five centuries.
Then visit the Chinese fishing nets, originating from the coast of the South China Sea, they are an iconic image of Cochin.
Late afternoon: In the late afternoon, attend a Kathakali dance performance, a form of dance theatre originating from the state of Kerala, known for its elaborate costumes, distinctive makeup, and complex facial expressions.
Evening free to explore the Fort Kochi neighborhoods.

Day 5 – Cochin / Alleppey: Backwaters Tour

Day’s program: In the morning, after breakfast, depart for Alleppey. Upon arrival, board a houseboat for a backwaters exploration. Enjoy authentic local meals, explore riverside villages, and experience a magical sunset before spending a peaceful night on board with dinner.

Day 6 – Alleppey / Munnar:

Morning: After breakfast, disembark from the houseboat in Alleppey and depart for Munnar, a mountain resort known for its tea plantations.
Afternoon: Upon arrival, check in at the hotel and take a moment to relax. Then, visit the Tea Museum in Munnar to delve into the history and culture of tea in India. Discover the tea-making process, from leaf to cup, through interactive demonstrations.
Late afternoon: Free time to wander around the markets of Munnar.

Day 7 – Munnar:

Morning: After breakfast, embark on a half-day hike through the tea plantations. This exploration will immerse you in the fascinating world of tea culture while enjoying the hilly and green landscapes.
Afternoon: Return to Munnar and free time for relaxation.

Day 8 – Munnar / Periyar :

Morning: After breakfast, depart for Periyar National Park, an ecological gem in the heart of the Kerala mountains.
Afternoon: Check in at Periyar and visit a spice garden. Explore a spice garden in Periyar for a unique sensory experience. Learn about local spices while exploring this lush garden.
Late afternoon: Witness a captivating performance of Kalaripayattu, the ancient martial art of Kerala, for a glimpse into the local culture and traditions. Experience an impressive demonstration of martial skills, acrobatics, and athleticism.

Day 9 – Periyar:

Morning: After breakfast, embark on a rafting adventure on Lake Periyar. This ride offers a unique opportunity to observe the wildlife and flora of Periyar National Park, surrounded by lush forests.
Afternoon: Return to your hotel for some relaxation time. Free time for an Ayurvedic massage is offered by the agency. It’s the perfect opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate. Evening free at your hotel.

Day 10 – Periyar / Madurai :

Morning: After breakfast, depart for Madurai, often called the “city of temples.” It is a historic city in Tamil Nadu, famous for its intricately carved Meenakshi Amman Temple.
Afternoon: Check in at Madurai and take a rest at the hotel. The afternoon is dedicated to a cultural visit, including the magnificent Tirumalai Nayak Palace and the Gandhi Museum, which offers a fascinating insight into the history of India.
Late afternoon: Free time to stroll through the markets of the old town of Madurai.

Day 11 – Madurai:

Morning: After breakfast, take an immersive walking tour through Madurai’s flower market with a French-speaking guide. Discover flower vendors, tea shops, and local artisans who form the vibrant fabric of the community. You will also have the opportunity to taste local specialties and a masala chai (milk tea with aromatic spices).
Afternoon: In the late morning, visit the Meenakshi Temple, an architectural marvel dedicated to the deities Shiva and his consort Mînâkshî (goddess with fish-like eyes). In the afternoon, continue your exploration by strolling through the local markets around the temple.
Late afternoon: Don’t miss the ceremony of the god and goddess’s bedtime at the temple, a spiritual experience filled with solemnity. Evening free at your hotel.

Day 12 – Madurai / Chettinadu :

Morning: In the morning, after breakfast, depart for the Chettinadu region, famous for its opulent houses of the wealthy Chettiar community. This cultural hub offers a unique immersion into the heritage and traditions of Tamil Nadu.
Afternoon: Check in to a characterful house in the village of Chettinadu. Then, visit the village of Kanadukatthan and its Chettiar houses.
Late afternoon: Don’t miss the solemn and spiritually enriching ceremony of the god and goddess at the temple.
Evening free at your hotel.

Day 13 – Chettinadu / Trichy / Tanjore:

Morning: After breakfast, depart for Tanjore, a city rich in history and culture. On the way, visit the city of Trichy to explore two must-visit sites: Sriranganath Swamy Temple, an important sanctuary dedicated to the god Vishnu, and Rock Fort, a historic citadel perched on a massive rock.
Afternoon: Check in at the hotel in Tanjore and have some free time to relax. Then, visit the Art Gallery, which exhibits a variety of art objects and bronze and stone sculptures from the Chola era. You can also take a tour of the local market to buy souvenirs or bronze items, for which Tanjore is famous.
Late afternoon: Take a leisurely walk through the markets of Tanjore.
Evening free at your hotel.

Day 14 – Tanjore: Visit to Tanjore

Morning: In the morning, after breakfast, depart for a visit to the Brihadeshwara temple. An excellent example of the art and architecture of the Chola era. This 11th-century temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is famous for its imposing vimana (sanctum tower) and detailed sculptures. It is a must-visit to understand the depth of spirituality and artistic skill of South India.
Afternoon: Visit the Maratha palace. The Maratha Palace is an impressive structure that showcases the grandeur of past dynasties. This palace houses lavish halls, art galleries, and a fascinating museum.
Make sure to visit the Saraswati Library, which houses an impressive collection of ancient manuscripts, palm leaf texts, and rare documents in Sanskrit, Tamil, and other Indian languages. Located within the premises of the Maratha palace, the library is a true treasure trove of knowledge and offers a fascinating glimpse into the intellectual and cultural richness of the region.
Late afternoon: Take a discovery walk through the markets of Tanjore.
Evening free at your hotel.

Day 15 – Tanjore / Darasuram / Gangaikondacholapuram / Chidambaram / Pondicherry:

Morning: After breakfast, depart for Pondicherry. On the way, visit three of Tamil Nadu’s most famous temples, classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Darasuram: Visit the Airavatesvara Temple in Darasuram, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This temple is smaller than the others but equally impressive with its detailed sculptures, complex architecture, and mythological representations.
Gangaikondacholapuram: Visit the Gangaikondacholesvarar Temple, another UNESCO World Heritage Site. This temple is another masterpiece of Chola architecture, renowned for its intricate sculptures and sacred water tanks.
Chidambaram: The Chidambaram Temple, located in Tamil Nadu, is one of the oldest and most famous Shiva shrines in India. Known for its grand architecture and detailed sculptures, this temple is unique in that it honors Shiva in the form of a cosmic dancer, represented by a space in the sanctuary.
Late afternoon: Check-in at Pondicherry and free time to relax.
Evening free at your hotel.

Day 16 – Pondicherry – Visit Pondicherry

Morning: In the morning, after breakfast, embark on a rickshaw bicycle ride to discover the unique charm of Pondicherry. The journey begins in the Muslim quarter, where you can admire the local architecture and feel the pulse of everyday life. Then, pass through Goubert Market. This bustling market is an ideal place to observe local life. After Goubert Market, explore the old town and end your rickshaw ride near the seaside. This allows you to admire the sea and take some photos.
Late Morning: Depart for a visit to Auroville, an international experimental city. You can visit the Matrimandir for a unique meditation experience and browse the shops selling products made in Auroville.
Afternoon: To conclude your day, explore the markets along MG Road. You’ll find everything from jewelry to textiles to handicrafts.
Evening free for a stroll along the seashore.

Day 17 – Pondicherry / Mahabalipuram :

Morning: After breakfast, depart for Mahabalipuram, a small port city also known as Mamallapuram. It is famous for its groups of rock-cut temples and monuments, dating back to the 7th and 8th centuries, which are a UNESCO World Heritage site. Check in at Mahabalipuram and take some time to rest.
Afternoon: In the afternoon, visit the Five Rathas, which are five monolithic temples sculpted in the form of chariots. Each “ratha” is unique and represents different Hindu gods and goddesses.
Late afternoon: Free time to stroll around the town of Mahabalipuram.

Day 18 – Mahabalipuram: Visit to Mahabalipuram

Morning: Early morning departure to observe the fishermen of Mahabalipuram returning from the sea at sunrise for an authentic experience of the local culture (self-guided tour). Return to the hotel for breakfast.
Late morning: Departure for a visit to the Shore Temple, one of the oldest stone temples in South India. This temple is unique in that it is one of the few located near the sea. It is dedicated to Shiva and Vishnu.
Afternoon: Visit the monumental sculpture depicting the penance of Arjuna. It is an immense bas-relief carved into the rock, depicting various mythological and divine figures.
Then free time to wander and explore the markets of Mahabalipuram.

Day 19 – Mahabalipuram / Chennai / Mumbai (by flight):

Morning: After breakfast, transfer to Chennai airport to catch your flight to Mumbai.
Afternoon: Upon arrival, our local representative will greet you and transfer you to the hotel near the airport. Free time to relax at the hotel.

Day 20 – Mumbai: Return Flight to France

In the morning, transfer to the international airport to catch your return flight.

Your hotels or similar

  • Mumbai – Goldfinch Hotel***
  • Cochin – Dutch Bungalow (heritage)
  • Alleppey – House Boat
  • Munnar – DeepWoods Munnar***
  • Periyar – Tree Top***
  • Madurai – Ramrathna Residency***
  • Chettinadu – Chettinadu Mansion (heritage)
  • Tanjore – Hôtel Gnanam***
  • Pondichéry – Maison Radha (Home stay)
  • Mahabalipuram – Mamalla Heritage***
  • Mumbai – Oriental Aster


The price includes:

  • A comfortable AC vehicle as per the number of participants & driver (including parking fees, fuel, road taxes, and tolls).
  • Experienced English-speaking driver (including their accommodations, meals, and salary).
  • Accommodation in a “double” room, including taxes and breakfast.
  • Domestic flights from Mumbai to Cochin and Chennai to Mumbai in economy class.
  • Boat trip from Mumbai to Elephanta Island and return.
  • Overnight stay in a houseboat in Alleppey with full board.
  • Hiking with an English-speaking guide in Munnar.
  • Kathakali performance at the Kerala Cultural Center in Cochin.
  • Kalaripayattu (Kerala martial art) performance in Periyar.

Not included:

  • International flights.
  • International airport taxes.
  • Lunches and dinners (unless stated in the price includes).
  • Entrance fees to monuments and sites to visit.
  • Visa fees.
  • Drinks.
  • Tips.

Good to know:

  • A visa is mandatory for travel to India. We offer visa services for India, please consult us for the procedures.
  • The tea museum in Munnar is closed on Mondays.
  • Access to temples is allowed for foreigners but not inside sacred chapels.
  • A video equipment fee may be required at the entrance of monuments.
  • The Indian road network is of average quality, and travel times may be longer than expected, but the quality of discoveries at every moment compensates for this slight discomfort.
  • The synagogue in Kochi is closed on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Provide passport photocopies when making a reservation.
  • Baggage weight on domestic flights is limited to 15 kilograms in the hold and 7 kilograms as carry-on baggage. A supplement of 3 euros per kilogram will be requested at check-in for domestic flights.
  • This itinerary may be subject to minor changes depending on changes in airline and train schedules, hotel availability, and monument opening hours.
  • We would also like to mention that our drivers are chosen for their professionalism, sense of service, availability, and competence. Unfortunately, not all of them are fluent in English. When they do speak it.

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