North India vs South India which to visit for a first trip to India

Jan 15 2024
North India vs South India which to visit for a first trip to India

Should I go to North India first or South India or include both in the trip? – This is one of the biggest questions travellers face while planning a trip to India. Obviously, when it comes to North India and South India, it is usually a dilemma considering between Rajasthan and the surroundings and Kerala and the outskirts. No doubt both these regions have breathtaking scenic beauty to offer and they have great accommodation options as well. That is why they are equally popular with tourists! And this exactly is the reason behind this North India vs. South India confusion.

Well, north and south India are not wholly about Rajasthan and Kerala. These two have been taken as examples to give you a practical idea of both regions so that you can make a better and more informed decision while booking your first trip to India.

In this blog, you will get a clear overview of the key factors to be considered while deciding between these two parts or deciding to include both in your trip. Delve into the following passages to know these in detail.

Should You Visit North India or South India?

1.About North India: Mainly Rajasthan-Delhi-Agra

● In between Delhi, Agra, and Rajasthan, you will come across some of the most incredible Indian architectural wonders. Here you will explore the Taj Mahal, along with many marvellous forts and palaces. It will be a delightful experience for you to explore these historical forts and palaces. These not only showcase precise and magnificent architecture but also some commanding views while telling incredible historical tales.

● Are you a history buff? You can opt for reading up a little before visiting the monuments or you can also hire a guide. Even if you aren’t that much into history and really do not care about the history behind these monuments, you would surely love exploring them.

● Rajasthan is filled with heritage buildings and traditional palaces to stay at. Yes, many of these historical buildings have been refurbished into heritage hotels now. And surely there is no other region in the world where will you find so many heritage properties where you can stay!

● In particular, Rajasthan is going to offer a very diverse experience right from the Ranthambore tiger reserve to the religious city of Pushkar, along with the lakes in Udaipur and the desert town of Jaisalmer.

● You would love to explore the lifestyle and colourful ethnic dress of the Rajasthani people. With their saris and turbans, they add a bright splash of colour especially when you move to the countryside.

● As you travel between the towns in Rajasthan you will get a glimpse of rural life.

What People Often Do Not Like About Rajasthan And North India:

● You should keep in mind that travelling between towns usually takes a lot of time and often entails different modes of transport. Expect at least five to seven-hour road journeys. From Jaipur, the overnight bus and train journeys are among the most commonly used ways to reach Jaisalmer. However, there are now flights available from Jaipur, Mumbai as well as Delhi.

● Visiting Delhi, Agra, Varanasi, and Rajasthan can be aggressive. This means that a lot of touts will be trying to sell you commodities or services. And overcharging might be a common problem. Contrarily, this is less likely to happen in South India.

● To describe apparently, while Rajasthan is dry and arid contrarily, Kerala is forever-green.

● A trip to Rajasthan may not be that smooth especially when you are travelling with kids who are very young. Distances will be long with not many activities for kids. However, forts and palaces will be great fun for kids to explore.

What Is People’s Opinion About South India

● Kerala is simply green! This is the place to be if you are looking for a stunning state, where you can unwind and relax.

● If you are looking to witness marvellous views of tea plantations as well as rolling hills and valleys, visit the hill station of Munnar.

● Thekkady offers great opportunities for trekking. And not only that but it also offers boat rides on the lovely Periyar Lake as well as spice plantation tours.

● Fort Cochin is definitely the most picturesque town in India! It includes old India, Dutch and colonial structures, ancient markets, and much more. You would lobe the easy walk through these places and explore the corners at your own pace.

● When it comes to travel times, Kerala is easier because the travel times are much shorter here. Usually, 3 to 5 hours is usually the longest time you will have to spend in transit. Also, this place is not that aggressive and full of touts. Here, you can expect to have a fair price for quality products. Moreover, you are not likely to be harassed to spend your money here.

● In Kerala, you will get mesmerising accommodation options just like in north India. Unlike Rajasthan, here you will not come across any heritage hotels. However, there will be beautiful traditional villas, gorgeous homestays, lovely houseboats as well as colonial stays. In most cases, it is all about the scenic greenery, waterfronts, valleys, and natural beauty of south India that will make you stay.

● Well, the hospitality in Kerala is more homely and honest.

● Kerala is great for young kids.

What You May Not Like About Kerala

Kerala simply has nothing to complain about. It is true that if you are more into those forts, palaces, monuments or temples, there won’t be much to explore in South India. On the other hand, Kerala is more about nature and relaxation. It is just that the South India trip is going to be a different theme and that is it.

North Or South – What Is Your Type?

It is simple. If you are more into greenery, tea plantations, backwaters, light trekking and relaxation, you should trip to south India. On the other hand, if you are more of that monumental person, and very much into history, ruins and architecture, north India is the place to be. But you know what? If you have up to three weeks, you can include both parts of India in your trip!

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